Tabletop RPG Apps

RPGist is a young platform, in perpetual development and refinement, with the purpose of providing all kinds of application that facilitates and improves the experience of playing tabletop RPGs, either by facilitating the formation of groups and the necessary encounters for games to happen, or by facilitating the organization and discourse of sessions.

There are already several great platforms for which it is possible to play RPG online. Our focus is on reviving and promoting the traditional face-to-face RPG, with paper, pencil and dice, but without nostalgia, for managing spells on the phone and maps on the tablet, for example, can make games even more dynamic and immersive.

Your participation is essential to the platform's growth, if you have any idea on how to improve any of our apps, or ideas for new apps, do not hesitate to contact us, either by the email, through our pages on social networks, or by the feedback tool in some of our apps.

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